Here’s a list of articles, poems, sermons, and talks from the last few years:

The Village Church (

The Exhausting Reality of COVID-19
Reflections on Holy Week: Day by Day Narrative Retelling
Reflecting on Hebert’s “The Sacrifice”
If We Survive the Night
The Frustration of Slowing Down
Say the Right Thing
Hometown Roads Never Leave You
Making Contentment My Estate
Sharing at the Expense of Learning
The Difficult Nature of Receiving
Fear and Trembling at Advent
Edwards for Everyday
Aaron Sorkin and the Power of Words
Identity Outside the Gospel
Rooted and Grounded
Conflict, Convenience, and Default Priorities
Nothing New Under the Sun
Misdirected Discontent

For The Church



Freedom from Shame – John 21:15-17
Truth in Trial – John 14:25-31
The Comfort of God’s Story – 2 Corinthians 1
Maturing in Christ – Colossians 1

Entering God’s Rest – Psalm 95
What Is the Good Life? Wisdom Literature & Lament

Abide in My Love – John 15
Palm Sunday: The Entry & Death of Jesus (Mark 11:1-11)

Of Laws and Love (Exodus)
Psalm 62 
Campus Transitions
Trust God Over Your Feelings
Luke 2:1-20

Older sermons


Knowing Faith #28 – Lightning Round Q&A
Knowing Faith #41 – The Lord’s Supper
The Middle with Daniel & Heather Ritchie – Pastor’s Corner Interview
The Pastor Writer – Ep. 104