I’m Mason King, and I currently serve as a Pastor/Elder at The Village Church and as the Executive Director of The Village Church Institute, Groups, and Care where I oversee adult theological education and discipleship within our local church. The Village Church Institute trains disciples to know their sacred text firsthand and pursue formation into the way of Jesus. This means I get to interact with others weekly in the Training and Residency Programs. I also work with our Intern Program, hoping to shape the ministerial character of the next generation.

In the last decade of ministry, I’ve worked between three of our TVC Campuses, doing everything from interning to eldering. I’ve been in school most of my adult life, which means I’ve ended up with a B.A. in Speech Communication from Texas A&M, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, a DMin in Executive Leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I wrote on forming Christian disciples. This project allowed me to look at Biblical and doctrinal literacy as well as the modern understanding of identity formation. I am currently at work on a PhD in Church History from The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, focusing on the work of Jonathan Edwards.

I care about the pastoral vocation, God’s heart for his people, and the way in which habits shape us (plus the effect of technology on all those things). I’m reading, writing, teaching, and pastoring in order to point to what I know to be true, good, and beautiful—all in hopes of fighting to live in the reality of God’s world.

Carly and I have been married nearly a decade, and have three wonderful children. There is no joy next to a father’s, and I am so grateful to know this first hand.


I’ve been blogging for about 16 years now, and these days I’m trying to curate food for thought that I come across in the midst of all the other things.

Views are my own, thanks for reading.

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