I’ve been debating about how to use this space, social media, or a potential newsletter. I’ve grown less fond of social media, a newsletter feels a bit too far, and this has been my internet blogging home for the last 15 years—so here we are.

Looking at the last entry, it’s been a minute.

I’m going to share more snippets than long-form pieces for a while, and try to reclaim a habit here that is less dopamine and algorithm-driven than other places.

Below is a list of books that I shared with a friend recently. Many of them I have been chewing on for quite some time.

More to come!



Mark Sayer’s new book

Adonis Vidu on inseparable operations
My favorite planner in the last year
One of my top five – pastoral function of doctrine
Augustine – Consumerism
Augustine – Solitude
Letters to a godson on virtue
Calvin on formation and theology
Webster – articles on virtue
Dallas Willard was working on this when he died, and some students/friends finished it for him.
I am using pieces of this with my kids
This book on digital devices is my favorite right now.