“In order to have an extraordinary greatness, you must have ordinary love.

Now where is it that this personal ambition to do something great, this personal desire to leave a legacy – I’ve been listening to several men a bit older than myself the last couple of years who are retiring. They’re wondering what their legacy will be. And it’s instructive for me as a younger man, who will one day be there, it’s instructive for me to realize how many of us men do not have love in the calculation of a legacy. We’re thinking of legacy in terms only of work.

Even though we’re surrounded, maybe, by grandchildren.
Even though we’re surrounded, maybe, by friendship.
Even though we’re surrounded, maybe, by the love of our life.
Somehow, we’re surrounded with that kind of opportunity to love and we think we have no legacy.

It’s because we are continually tempted to look for extraordinary greatness outside of ordinary love.”


Zack Eswine
The Greatness of Ordinary Love, 1 Cor 13:1-8
Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church Podcast (7/9/2017)
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