Words. Who gives a hoot about words? Like Job asking God, “Why do things happen to a man like me, these terrible things, my children dead, my cattle gone?” Supposing God had said, “Look Job, I’ll tell you, here’s why it happened. . .” So, what? Would that have helped Job? Of course not. What Job needed was what he got, which was the vision of God himself. “I had heard of you be the hearing of my ears; now mine eyes have beheld thee.” That was the answer that was without words. So in a funny way I didn’t get the answer, but I got silence, the sense of mystery, the sense of holiness. Nobody talked to me at all, except at the end I went to see the father who had the stroke, and he was able to say to me, “Do you go to church regularly now? Do you confess your sins?” I said, “No.” “would you like to confess them?” I said I guessed I would, and I said a few little things I could think of. And then he said, “Well, you know you have a long way to go,” and he was right, and I still do.

But I remember that, “You have a long way to go.”



Frederick Buechner, The Remarkable Ordinary, p.81