Listen: Song For Rachel

Listen: Song For Rachel

Having had a pretty long week, I ran some errands tonight in the evening summer heat and soaked in this song from Sandra McCracken. Her last couple of albums have been the soundtrack of 2017 thus far, and this one has been near the top: Song for Rachel.

Here’s McCracken’s description from her website:

This song was inspired by Jeremiah 31 and a sermon by Timothy Keller. In the scripture passage, Rachel is broken-hearted and lamenting over the places of loss that were not yet brought to restoration.  Like her, we wait in eager expectation, and sing ourselves forward into the day when the trumpet sounds and earth and heaven will be made one.  God gives comfort to us as we bring our honest cry to him.  This song also echoes the refrain from the last album, “We will feast, and weep no more.” 

You can listen here, and read the lyrics below. I’d give it a good couple listens. It sows seeds of hope.


We leave behind
All the pain of alienation,
We bring the lies we believed
Out into the light,
The love we were made to feel,
Oh Rachel dry your tears,
Your hope it will rise

Until the trumpet sounds,
Until our home comes down,
Children of Zion raise up the sound,
Until our home comes down

I turn away from the springs
That cannot hold water
I will be sustained
By the true river of life
You make my eyes to see
You are upholding me
All through the night


Set up a sign or a post
To give us direction,
Lead us by good, clear paths,
Show us the way
Our tired and restless ways
Help and defend us, please
Stay by my side


Your deliverance is coming
For us while we wait,
In the wilderness You walk before us,
Give us grace

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