All your streams will fail you. Christ will not.

All your streams will fail you. Christ will not.


We’re preaching through Psalms this summer, starting with Psalm 1 yesterday. Edwards preached this short sermon on Psalm 1:3, and it is worth the 5 minutes it takes to read. Here are two excerpts, and go read the whole thing!


 A tree planted [by a river] is never [dry]: so Christ is never [exhausted].

The soul [of the saint] is joined to Christ and they are made one.

As the water enters into the roots [of the tree], so Christ enters the heart and soul of a godly man and dwells there.

The Spirit of Christ comes into the very heart of a saint as water to the roots of a tree.

[Water] refreshes; so [Christ] refreshes and satisfies [the heart], and makes it rejoice.

Water gives life and keeps it alive; so [Christ enlivens the heart and] makes it grow: makes it grow beautiful [and] fruitful.

A tree planted [by a river] is green in time of great drought, when other trees wither.

If you are a saint, then Christ is sweet and refreshing to you, as the water of a river to a man when he is very thirsty.

Is Christ sweeter and better than the sweetest food, better than all the things of the world?

Has your mind been enlightened to see that there is enough in Christ?

Does your religion continue like a tree planted {by a river}, or don’t your religion come to nothing, like a tree planted in a dry, barren ground?

The religion of a [worldly man is like] puddles after a rain [that soon] dry up.

But [the] religion of a truly good man [is] like a river.

Do you bring forth fruit?

Sinner,  seek an interest in Jesus Christ. If you are not in Christ, though you may be like green trees, yet by and by you will wither.

All your streams will fail you.



Edwards, J. (2006). Christ Is to the Heart like a River to a Tree Planted by It. In W. H. Kimnach & H. S. Stout (Eds.), Sermons and Discourses, 1743–1758 (Vol. 25, p. 604). New Haven; London: Yale University Press.

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