and still he seeks…

This last week I have had opportunity to sit with a houseguest of ours and talk about life. The core of our conversations was the Gospel of Christ: our need, His sacrifice, and new life.

I walked away one night with the clear reminder that we cannot do much on our own. We cannot make ourselves understand our need for Christ. We cannot do away with our own pride. We cannot overcome sin on our own, for it is part and parcel of our nature. We cannot save ourselves. How quickly I forget this, and how beautiful the Gospel is that brings us low, and brings every human to the same dusty floor. We have all sinned. We are all guilty. No one is good, not even one.

We need Jesus.

Every breath. Every day.

and He is the one who saves us.

Praise God for His Son, and for the Spirit at work in us.

My pastor often quotes J.I. Packer when talking about how we are helpless in and of ourselves, and how we need the Lord to change us and bring us home. Through trial, pain, sorrow, and joy – God pursues us.

“…and still he seeks the fellowship of his people, and sends them both joy and sorrow to detach their hands from the things of this world, and attach those hands to him.” – J.I. Packer

For He is life, and infinitely better.

Take our hands, Lord. Attach them to you.

and still he seeks…


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