rhythm and reclamation.

Most posts on this blog are presented in a (hopefully) polished form and thus may seem closed in thought. The post below is not so much a response to a certain event, but the constant sorting of puzzle pieces in my mind and how I perceive them to fit together currently. So the reader will find this a bit more self-confessional than other posts, and a bit more open ended. It is on purpose – for I hope here to entice a discussion from you, the reader. I know there are at least two of you who are not related to/engaged to me, and if this hits you or causes you to think – I would enjoy hearing how. For his glory and our good – MK


There are two bents within the heart – two sides of character that work often in concert, and then at times are mortal enemies. These two bents, for lack of technical terms, are easily called the logical and the creative. Call them competing halves of the brain, or different temperaments, but they are present in each of us to some degree.

For me these essential pieces each play their part within the daily experience of the soul. The creative is what gives quickness to my feet and fills the everyday with color and light to my eyes. The logical steels my thoughts and brings them to the tracks, here are fashioned the rails which logistics, discipline, and systems of life run upon.

Like the pounding hooves of horses barreling across the grassy field, my mind races with the colors of brown and black rising and falling with thunderous power in a field of green and earth. Sprinting towards the far end of unknown, a thirst runs deep within that cries out for hope, redemption, and beauty.

When one lacks, the other can easily take over – and the creative that brings rest can suffer at the tyranny of the logistical drive that brings efficiency. This efficiency speeds along the rails only as the heart is full – and as the heart’s strength wanes from lack of rest – the metallic pang of an empty tank has hit us all in our guts at one point or another.

Our souls weren’t solely created for efficiency – and our constant drive for productivity is bathed in the hope of finding something that will make our existence and daily experience easier. Functionally our productivity is the placing of hope and trust in another than the Savior: our own inventions, our own work and completion.  Technology easily becomes our handheld savior from boredom, idleness, silence, stillness – all things that typically give room for the mind to breathe and create, to think well.

Hearts shrivel under such a burden – for we are meant to reflect, to savor, and to thrive in rhythm with our lives – which then gives light to our eyes and strength to move along the rails.

We are meant for beauty. That word which commonly is associated with physical appearance has been robbed of its dimension – a mere shell of what our souls behold and take delight in. The limiting of scope has darkened the edges of our sight. Oh, that we might have our eyes opened to beauty in its fullness. The part we see by grace, and are led to a greater sight – towards a greater beauty.

So the tension of both is necessary. The firm rails of discipline and planning keep us headed upon the direction to which we are called. Thank the Lord that he has given us the material that form these rails, as our habits and daily patterns are built upon his Word – upon the truth of his character and his revelation to us.

The affections of our heart are not logical – and often need to be fostered towards beauty as we are prone to see with darkened lenses because of sin.  Praise God that he gives both the desire and the effort through the Holy Spirit– for His glory and our good. The power of a greater affection in our hearts helps our minds to be loosed from their dimness and to recognize beauty – the greater affection expels the love of sin from our hearts and fixes our desire upon Christ.

It’s Sabbath at its simplest. We are commanded to rest: to dream, to play, to enjoy and savor – to think upon God.

And it is the basest of reactions to do just the opposite and think we’ll be okay. But maybe that’s just me. Always accessible technology and social media isn’t helping me towards focused thought, moreover I think without vigilant care it quickly begins to fray my ability to concentrate by constant bite-size consumption of things which never leave me satisfied. It’s crept in through the promise of information – and the illusion of being in the know. I am growing back to being alright with being out of the loop at the cost of nurturing my soul.

Open our eyes, Lord, by the power of your Spirit in us, that we might live aright. Loosen our hands and steal our gaze from the things that rob us of you.

rhythm and reclamation.


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