don’t let it slip by.

This week is going to proceed forward like last week, for each day will come and go. The sun will set and rise, and we will hit our alarm clocks as we get out of our warm beds to start the day over, once again.

But don’t let it slip by you, this week. Because this particular set of seven days has special, monumental significance for us as Christians. This is what we are all about – for this is Easter. This is the crucifixion and the resurrection.

I have been thinking through the Passover, and how Christ is the fulfillment of God’s actions in the Old Testament. Christ is the lamb of God.

What is sitting with me since last night and through this morning is that on the cross, after our Lord Jesus had been betrayed, accused, mocked, beaten, whipped, tortured, and nailed to a cross in front of dozens – he experienced something that you and I know in small part – mostly because of where we have been brought from, and what we are used to – and the hope of what is to come, which we know will make every chord in our souls resonate and sing like they have never known. Our hearts were so dead that we have been brought alive to now see beauty in pieces, and we know fellowship as a weak frame of the reality it is.  Christ, who is God and knows the Father, and has forever enjoyed the closest fellowship with the Father and the Holy Spirit  – well, Christ experienced the separation of sin from God the Father. The fellowship known from eternity past and that is now enjoyed for eternity future, was given up on that cross, as the Son submitted to the will of the Father, and he who knew no sin became sin so that he might bring you and I to life.

Taking on our sin, our shame – bearing our guilt – Christ Jesus, the Son of God, second member of the Trinity, experienced separation from the Father.

Christ took on flesh, stepped into the story of humanity, lived a life that met all of God’s requirements under the law (which none of us could ever do, though we try to so hard) and then he died on the cross, nailed to a piece of wood. His blood flowed as an offering for our sin. His life given up so that wrath could be poured out.

Christ experienced the separation that has caused you and I to be so fractured. Wrought with sin, you and I are separated from God, from each other, and from our own selves.

Christ’s death took the wrath of God towards our sin. His death and his resurrection from the dead have brought us to a place where this separation has been overcome. We experience it in part now, as we still battle our sinful nature and long for His return. Then, at his coming, we shall experience it in full.  God created us to know him, not to gorge ourselves on our lusts. Christ has come that we might know him, and that we might see God for the beautiful, saving, and worthy God that He is.

Don’t let this week slip by, for there are pictures of beauty to behold, moments of sheer wonder think upon – and truth so great that it will cause tears to pour forth from our hearts as we look upon the Savior, the Lamb of God.

Hallelujah, come Lord!

don’t let it slip by.


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